Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Beast Is Clean

What… 6 AM again up and cleaning the Beast.  This time I had to clean the upper side walls and upper rear cap (tail end) of the RV before the sun started to really shine.  I had already cleaned the lower portions the other day.  The lower portions are the parts where I can reach without a ladder.  Then that leaves the upper where I need a ladder.  I first use a duster then wipe the area with a damp cloth.  I also used another cloth for the windows.  I have a bucket of water and clean the rags on each move.  I then sprayed the tires with 303 Aerospace which is the expensive stuff.  I do that about every three months or so.  Next was the important cleaning…the wheels.  I use McGuire's (sp?) wax after a good wipe down.  This is what happens when I set for more more than two weeks in an area.  The Beast get’s a real good outside cleaning.  She’s looking pretty and I feel a lot better now that cleaning is done.  That is except the slide out toppers.  Waxing will be next or maybe not.

Well, well, Jon & Sue Glick showed up today.  That’s nice.  They’re are neighbors in Livingston, Texas.  Sue is a line dancer like Carol so will be enjoying all the dancing.  They got a site next to us so it will save on the walking around other people.  They are here for 5 nights and get to go on a sales tour.   I would go and get some pictures of them right now but I think they wouldn’t be pretty.  What do you look like at 5 AM?

See  ya……………