Wednesday, August 8, 2012

41 Years Of Marriage Today

41 YEARS, damn, that’s pretty good for us.  We usually don’t keep anything more than a couple of years.  Everyday’s been an adventure for sure!  Happy Anniversary poopsie number one.  I do have several. 

Today we started off with another one hour walk.  Then I cooked the corn of the cob outside on the grill.  Yes, in the morning and then we refrigerate it for when ever.

Then we were off to George’s for breakfast.  It was delicious and the young lady I took was even more (brownie points).

We tried to pick up the Razor on the way back.  Nope not ready.  The repair shop has made 3 attempts to stop the leak.  The guy wanted wanted one more try.  OK……

Today was another lazy day.  I put a quart of oil in the Beast.  Toped off the radiator  just a little and checked the hydraulic fluid.  Usually on big diesels you don’t add oil until it’s two quarts low.  The Beast only needed a quart. They carry about 20+ quarts.  I had about one quart left in a gallon jug so I figured what the hell.  I use only Rotella.  I think it’s been about 13K miles since the last oil change.  The Cummins book says change at 20K.  Yes, that’s a lot of miles.  I will probably use this time.  A great many full timers use Speed Co for oil changes for big rigs.

The Razor holds only 2 quarts and I use Mobil One synthetic 0-40W.  Polaris oil is $20 bucks a quart.  NO THANK YOU FOR MORE THAN ONE REASON. The book calls for the 0-40W.

The Jeep will need it’s 1st oil change in another 800 miles (3K).  Not sure but will probably use what ever a Jeep dealer puts in it.  It holds 6 quarts.  I might take it to Wal-mart to get it done.  I might switch to synthetic there but not at a dealer.

We are packing up for our 100 mile trip tomorrow.  Let’s see.  We’ve been in this area 3 weeks and are moving 100 miles.  Oh no…we’re slowing down!  Carol is going, “YEA”.  It’s suppose to be hotter in Congress, AZ.  Oh no!  Denny & Susie has offered us there lot to stay on for now.  Our lot don’t have any hook ups yet.  That’s one of the things I have to check out the details on when we are there.  That’s along with getting the Razor in the shed some how.

Paul’s Mobile Repair, 928 634-0423, stopped by to fix the middle AC by replacing the start up capacitor.  I went up on the roof with him.  The old part was burnt like it was fried hard and black crisp.  From the time he pulled up, BS a little and got “r” installed and left – less that a half hour.  I said how much and he said $40.  I nearly ripped my pants pocket getting the cash money out.  I talked to him about other jobs he was doing.  He does a lot like in replacing roofs, frigs, brakes, ACs, etc.  This guy I will travel out of my way to get the next THING fixed if possible.

Next thing you know the ATV repair place, Dave –owner, called and said that the leak is not leaking in the Razor fuel tank.  I went and picked it up.  It appears not to be leaking at this time.  I fixed it once and it didn’t leak for a couple of months.  My hopes are not real high.  They’re effort was commendable for sure.  No additional charge from the first $40 charge.  What's with the $40 amount especially the mobile repair guy.

I skipped lunch because I was still full from breakfast.  I think I will drink lunch today…..I can do that…

It’s 107 degrees in the shade next to our rig at 2 PM.  It’s 75 degrees in the Beast and dropping.  I might have to move the temp up on the thermostat.

Diner was at our now favorite little Mexican restaurant called…………DSCN0618

We did our evening walk but not our usual half hour du to the high temp.  It was 97 degrees at 7 PM.

We were going to do some outside loading but we decided to do it tomorrow in the early AM when the temps should be in the low 80s.

It was a HOT day and another good day.

See ya…