Monday, August 6, 2012

Polaris Company Sucks

I was up very early.  Carol wanted me to wake her if I decided to go for a walk.  At about 7:15 we went for a walk.  Don’t know the mileage but it was about an hour.  She cooked me breakfast when we got back.  I might have to start walking every morning.

At 9 AM I was at the nearby ATV repair shop.  They screwed up the repair job they did last Friday.  Now I have fuel leaking all over the place bad. The owner and I went back and forth for a few minutes.  I had a hard time convincing him to look at it.  He wanted to justify the work that a worker (very young) did on it.  I think he got the idea that he really needed to look at it to convince me I was wrong.  He looked at it and agreed his worker blew it.  He said that he himself would work on it and make it good.  We will see.

I got back to the Beast and it was time to clean and check the six house batteries.  Two positive terminals had started to corrode.  All of the batteries had gassed to the surface or what ever you call it.  It meant that the water had vented out of the batteries.  I had to disconnect most of the cables to check the water levels because the cables were short and laid over the caps.  None of the batteries needed fluid.  I have always keep them about an 1/8 of inch below the ring until this past year.  I never had any excess venting of gas/fluid.  I filled them to the bottom ring earlier this year.  Now that they are at my level I won’t get anymore gas/excess venting.  Now I will need to get longer cables so I can check the levels easier.  Bottom line that are checked and are OK……!

By 1 PM it was 103 degrees.  The two ACs kept the inside temp in the Beast a little above 80 degrees.  We will just have to deal with it.

I got a call from Polaris Hq (surprised me)and they verified that our Razor was not on the recall list for 2008 (others were) fuel tank replacement but acknowledged the leak.   No goodwill what so ever, no discount on any parts on the tank replacement, etc. The fuel pump (inside tank) has to be replaced with the tank.  About $700-900.  Bottom line they said it was out of warranty have a nice day.  No problem..if we  there is ever another side by side after this one it will be another brand and not Polaris.  Our friend here Allen has a 2008 Razor with the identical leak.  What’s up with that?

I went up to the ATV shop about 4:30 and talked with the owner again.  He said that they were able to remove all the JB Weld and install a new gasket.  He wanted to keep it over night to make sure it wasn’t leaking.  No problem.  I told him that I had talked with Polaris about the leaking problem.  He said that he has made repairs for other 2008’s side by side with the leaky problem.  He too had no help from Polaris and they do have a problem but just won’t admit it because of the time lapse.  Sounds like the Ford Pinto tank explosions for those that remember that.  Thus I say, Polaris Company sucks.

I called the AC repair guy.  He said the part is being shipped to him and he should have it any day.  He has made plans to install it Wednesday.  We leave Thursday.

Then a thunder shower came through in the early evening or was it late afternoon?  The temps dropped almost 20 degrees in less than 15 minutes.  That’s nice.  It’s starting to go back up now.

About 7:30 PM Carol & I did about a half hour walk.  I want to lose 15 pounds in 12 weeks.  That will be a total of 40 lbs since April.  It was kinda easy at first but now it’s getting harder.  A lot of it is just not eating as much and a little exercise.  My weight varies as much as 3 lbs in one day.  What’s up with that?  Let’s see – no holidays coming up, won’t be with a bunch of friends, no birthdays and one anniversary.  No excuse to over indulge.  I just might be able to it.  Time will tell.

See ya…………..