Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fuel Prices & Full Timing

Some big company farted and now the gas prices are going up quick.  I know it was a refinery fire on the west coast.  That’s the reason but not an excuse.  Same Ole, Same Ole – greed.  Gas went up here 6 cents in one day.  Diesel went up 8 cents. I filled the Beast up here because it’s not getting any cheaper heading west to California.  I needed only about 60 gallons so I saved about $30.  In about 5 weeks or so I will fill up near the California border.  Then up near Lodi (Sept) I will get enough fuel to get me out of California (Oct).  That’s the game I play to stay just a little ahead of the game.  Yes, as a full timer we spend more money for fuel but we try to save money at the same time.  We are professional tourists (cheap) so we can spread the money around.  We are trying to help the economy.

When we eat out we don’t get the most expensive items on the menu and water is fine.  That’s another pet peeve of mine.  The price of drinks are getting out of control.  Two bucks for coffee – not for me.  Maybe get it at Cracker Barrel  because you can get one to go for no additional cost.  Two bucks for ice tea – give me a break.  Then it’s not uncommon you have to ask to get a refill.  Hey, water is fine.

We wanted to upgrade our RPI membership to Preferred RPI.  It’s a $30-40 a year increase in their dues.  TTN who we have RPI with and they own RPI, won’t give us an upgrade of just RPI.  They want us to buy a $4,000.00 upgrade package.  Use to just take a phone call and it was done for an RPI upgrade.  Instead of getting a little money they want the big package or nothing.  Now that’s greed! OK they get nothing!

OK..I got it out of my system…..well, at least some of it.

We left about 9 AM and had a big 100 miles to go to North Ranch near Congress, AZ.  I filled up with diesel at Fry’s at $3.51 a gallon.  I took on 65 gallons.  The Beast averaged 6.5 for the last 3 fill ups.  Next time I get fuel it will be over $4 a gallon.  We filled up the Jeep yesterday and two 5 gallon containers (for Razor).  Gas was $3.27 at Fry’s. 

I doubled towed again.  Last time probably.  All went well.  It was something else double towing thru Prescott’s busy traffic.  That was an adventure.

We arrived at Denny & Susie’s lot at North Ranch and it was friggin hot.  It was 109 about 2 PM and stayed in the three digits the rest of the day.  Very few people here.  We blew a main circuit on the lot.  Denny/Susie,  sorry, we are still learning about this heat.  It was heading for 90 degrees inside the Beast.  We didn’t know what it was at first.  Jim Kimmins and Tom Sharp (?) came over to help and did.  We got it back down to the low 80’s inside the coach later on.

We went for an evening walk (7:30) that lasted about 40 minutes.  It’s kinda of a nice eerie feeling being only a few people here especially in the evening.

See ya….