Friday, August 17, 2012

“Ain’t I Cute”

DSCN0832 We went for our early walk this morning which was over an hour.  We just walked inside and around the park never being on the same road nor an inside zig zag road.  This park is big and is an under statement.  Probably bigger than the TTN in park in Orlando if you been there you know what I’m talking about.   One of their storage areas, did you pick up on “one of”, is so big, “how big is it” that they have a map for it.  That’s big.  Get this.  They have an ice rink, yeper….They have 2 snack bars and one restaurant.  Plus a tram for transportation.  Now this ain’t no real fancy uppity place and it has some age which we call character.  Just the basics and a lot of them.  A couple of pools, etc…..very clean.  You could actually hide in this park.  Some sections are away from everything and most people don’t go there.DSCN0830

No blue tarps either. Can you tell we like this park. 

While walking around we saw this baby tow hauler.DSCN0827

I knew a company bought Shasta years ago and were going to bring those trailers back.  Well, here’s the first one I’ve seen.DSCN0833

Carol went line dancing which is everyday. She’s in heaven.  They had about 20 people.

After lunch we decided to go 4 wheeling in the nearby national forest and did we.  Here’s the track that we went on according to  our GPS.DSCN0851

DSCN0835  DSCN0840 DSCN0836

See the black clouds?  My phone gave an alert for flash floods.  Now we are on a sandy twisty with switchbacks sandy trail down at the bottom of a big hill.  Well, it didn’t rain or it would have been a different adventure.  We got back to the top and came upon this tower.DSCN0845

That tower is on the very top of this mountain.  We got up there!DSC_0036

Back on the road the rain hit us.  You know how you always see the signs that say watch for falling rocks.  Well, there was no sign.  We came around a curve in the rain and here was this 100 lb rock in the middle of my lane.  Of course I missed it.  I decided to move it out of the road.  That thing was made out of lead and it was hard to move and it was raining.  I finally moved it and a train of cars were coming down the hill.  They were tailgating each other which meant at least one of them would have hit it and you can guess what the rest of the story would have been.  I did my good deed.  Down the road further was a sign  that said watch for falling rock.DSCN0852

UPDATE -The Roadmaster Tow Defender #4750.  It was fully operational for our trip here.  It worked good.  Must be the installer.  Time will tell how it really works.  I have concerns about it tearing because the struts seem to be very strong.  I think I will lube them up really good.  We we got here there was some small pebbles on top of the screen.

I got more of our adventures today but will post another day.  It’s one of those full timer dilemma stories that is happening to us right now.

See ya……..