Monday, August 27, 2012

One Stop Shopping

We went to Denny’s for breakfast this morning.  I’m starting to like several of their (healthy) breakfast dishes.  While in town we saw this one stop shopping store.DSCN0944

We didn’t have time to go in…dog on it.  We could have got our nails done while getting a massage, eating Thai food, have a donut for snack, pay/cash a check AND buy a gun to shoot myself after all that.  I think it would have been very interesting.  Hey Nick, is this your kind of store or what?

Back at camp we watched the cats today. This is Jon and Sue’s cat Jezebel. DSC_0031

She was very interested in these dirt mounds that would move ever so often.DSC_0008


This is why you should clean the water spigots before you hook up.DSC_0046

He was being watched for sure.DSC_0041  

We ate out for dinner because we are CAMPING.  We each cooked our main dish on the grill and shared a salad and veggies.DSC_0025 DSC_0026 DSC_0029

Another quiet day and night in RV land plus cool weather.

See ya…………..