Monday, August 6, 2012

What Is NHTSA ?

This morning we started out with another 1 hour walk.  Then it was off to Wal-mart to got some goodies.  There went $125 for food.  I tried to stay away from the real good stuff (fatty).  I did have some weakness though.

About 2 PM it reached 104 degrees in the shade.  I went outside to do some tinkering but only lasted about 10 minutes.

I got emails about me hitting on Polaris so hard.  They all agreed.  Greg even referred me to the NHTSA to make a safety complaint against Polaris and their leaky gas tank.  The NHTSA took my complaint.  They gave me a report number and will send me a letter.  NHTSA stands for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  then I sent an email to Polaris telling them of such.

NHTSA are located at 1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE, West  Building,Washington,DC20590USAWork 1-888-327-4236 . 

NHTSA took the Polaris Rzr VIN and the complaint.  I told them about Polaris had a bulletin on other 2008’s with the same problem (leaky gas tank) but they wouldn’t cover mine nor was the original owner notified of a possible safety concern.  They said they would investigate.

I don’t really expect anything to come of all this but I feel better.  OK…I feel a lot better.

For diner I decided to use some Zatarain’s New Orleans style Crab Cake Mix.  I used the fake crab meat.  I had to add some Old Bay crab seasoning.  We don’t eat crabs unless we have some Old Bay.  Spending a lot of time near Baltimore we were brought up on Old Bay seasoning.DSCN0784 The crab cakes looked good but they weren’t up to my standards.  Carol said they were OK.

The ATV repair place never called me and I didn’t want to bother them plus I really didn’t need the Razor.

Tomorrow (8th) we will go to George’s for our last eat out breakfast in Verde Valley and our 41st Wedding Anniversary.  Yes, 41 years.  On the way back from breakfast we will stop and hopefully pick up the Razor.