Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Another Day In Paradise - Kinda

Only 115 miles to drive.  What a piece of cake.  Of course we had the real big steep hill to go down right off the bat.  Carol took the pictures because I was a little busy.  It was steep but I just but the Beast in HI Jake brake and never touched the foot brake.  It was awesome. DSC_0006 DSC_0003

A little bit of a drop off.DSC_0014 DSC_0022 DSC_0024

It didn’t look too bad either.  Probably a lot of road noise right next to the interstate.DSC_0050


What rain after my many hours of cleaning the Beast and getting her all shiny.DSC_0052  

Yep and it was only 10 minutes and the Beast & the Jeep were dirty….damn.DSC_0061

This little guy was on a mission running next to the road.DSC_0059


Ahhh arrival at TTN Soledad.  It looks so pretty.DSC_0071

Here we are in our final sight and position in this site.  The first site we were in we moved all around back and forth trying to get the satellite dish in.  We moved.  Same problem here and we moved forward and back and finally got it.  It took us two hours to get settled.  We do have 50 AMP (no charge) full hook up.DSCN0947

This TTN park we have stayed in over the years past.  It’s gone down hill with blue tarpers which we are away from us here.  Blue tarpers is slang for people who sites look like trash bins.  Crap all around usually in boxes that have been thru rain. Usually they have a blue tarp over their rig.  One RV isn’t even registered.   One is a motorhome hoarder.  It’s starting to look like a trashed old trailer park.  If it wasn’t for the holiday we were thinking about leaving.  We will avoid this park in the future and stick it out for now.  Jon & Sue will be here in a week or so.

I went up and complained to management about the blue tarpers.  They took my name and number and said the manger would be in touch. He had already left for the day.