Saturday, August 4, 2012

Non Motorized Day

Yep, toady was a non motorized day.  Couldn’t take the Jeep to do any four wheeling.  We were told not to do any four wheeling for a couple of days due to the new windshield. 

I picked up the Razor from the repair shop.  Boy did they screw that up.  They said they couldn’t repair the leak due to the JB Weld that was already on it.  They tried to take it off (poor attempt) but it was tearing the plastic tank.  So, they put more JB Weld on.  Get this.  They couldn’t repair the leak, they tore the tank and they charged me $40.  I very calmly informed them about Good Will when they blow it.  Bottom line I couldn’t take the Razor out due to the JB Weld hadn’t dried 100%.DSCN0733 

At 2PM it hit 103 degrees in the shade at our site.  I don’t remember the last time we were anywhere with those temps.  Our two AC’s ran all day which they have been doing since we got the 50 AMP.  Oh, I read the electric meter.  We used 42 units in a 24 hour period.  That’s not really a lot all things considered.  Let’s see at 8 cents a unit that’s under $3.50 a day.


About 4 PM these clouds starting rolling in.  The temps dropped about 5 degrees but it never rainedDSCN0734

I got a call last night.  We’re invited for a big run up near Sedona tomorrow.  We have to trailer the Razor and leave about 8 AM.  Great……..

See ya..