Friday, August 31, 2012

ANTS & A Move

Well, after a night of thinking about moving we got up to an ant colony in our rig.  In our 40+ years of camping we have never been invaded like we were this morning in the Beast.  They were those little tiny ants with jet packs on.  Well, after spraying all over the place we went up the hill in TTN to look for a different site.  They have poor electric and only 30 AMP (full  hook up). 

This site wasn’t the best site,DSCN0978 but it was across from a transformer and next to the sewer system.  Smells like farm country.DSCN0975 

No neighbor right in our setting out area. I still had to put our Autoformer (30 AMP) in the electric line to boost the voltage up to 115-119 range.  DSCN0977

One AC in a 43 footer is a little rough but we will live through it.  I also put a curve in the water line to keep any unwanted varmints out of the dump line.  We normally keep the grey tank valve open. DSCN0976 No ant hills outside and no apparent drug dealing go on.  Might be some old folks exchanging meds at the most.  There is dust and cars going by in front and rear of us.  This is the old folks area evidently.

These evening clouds were pretty.DSCN0979

Tonight was a Blue Moon night.  I didn’t know there was really a Blue Moon but tonight was.  When there is two full moons in one month it’s called a Blue Moon.  Here’s the second one this month about 8 PM which make it a Blue Moon. DSCN0983 DSCN0987

During the day it got up to 95 degrees and with one AC we got up to 82 degrees inside the Beast.  Not too bad.  We cooked outside and ate outside about 6:30 PM.  It was really nice.  We are happy.

See ya……………