Sunday, August 19, 2012

Now What?

Seems like we (me) are always getting into something.  Our brand new upgraded $4,500 fiberglass roof seam is coming loose.  It’s not leaking but this is just poor workmanship.  Someone at the Newmar factory not doing their job right.  It’s that simple.  I will call Newmar Monday and send them these pictures.  DSC_0001 DSC_0002 I already know what they will say.  Take the RV to a Newmar dealer.  Well, we all know you just don’t drive up to a dealer without an appointment.  You have to call and make an appointment which can take up to several weeks if not longer.  I can’t blame them.  That’s the way it is.  So, what does a full timer do for this type of repair?  I will probably do a temp repair until we get back to Livingston and have a local repair shop do it that I can depend on and wait on.

A couple of months ago we got an E-Z Up 10X10 canopy.  We haven’t used it because of different reasons, mostly wind.  Here we put it up and it is easy to put up.DSCN0854I’m big on tying something like this down.  I will have to get some rope and more stakes or buckets down the road somewhere.  I think we will use more often now that we are starting to homestead.

Later we went down the hill to have dinner with some friends Jean and Claudette.  We went to Alaska with them last year.  In Palm Springs we drove my this.DSCN0861

Now you see the guy in the black shirt?  No comment…..DSCN0862

OK enough of that…

While we were getting gas ($3.99) for the Jeep this beautiful boat pulled up next to us.  Wouldn’t it looked real nice behind our Jeep.DSCN0863

Anyhow…we had a real nice dinner with Jean & Claudette.  DSCN0864 We talked for over two hours.  Subjects included Alaska of course.  They might go again in 2014 with us.  We hope they do.  We talked about side by side ATV’s.  They sold us their Razor.  This is the one we have so much fun with now.  They have one of those big side by side Arctic Cats now.

Tomorrow we’re going job hunting and gonna talk real trash.

See ya….