Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Dollar & Window Tinting

The U.S dollar and the Canadian dollar are about equal now.  Last year we were losing.  We were up in Canada and the U. S. dollar was worth about 10 cents less.  Something else is going on too – fuel prices.  They went down there for about two months or so.  Now they are sneaking back up and no one is questioning it.  The big oil companies and politicians say it’s this or that.  B.S. – it’s friggin greed.  That’s all I’m saying.  Stupid is - is stupid does…Run Forest, run Forest!

Windshield – we got to Akiva Glass about 8:30 and Ron & Larry were ready for us.  DSCN0721 Ron is a big guy.  I think Larry does the interior work.  They started and we walked down the road.  We walked by two other restaurants to get to George’s place where we ate before.  It was about a half hour walk to get there and it was worth it.  I had the chili riano (?) omelet. DSCN0720 It was pretty good.  Carol had waffles or something.  On the way back we stopped at the library to kill time.  We got back to Akiva’s and it was ready.  We really like the dark tint. They did an outstanding job.DSCN0722 DSCN0723 DSCN0724 Akiva Glass & Tinting here in Cottonwood did a real nice job.  I would seek them out again for sure.

Since it so hot in the rig we decided to get pizza from Little Caesar’s for diner.

Wow, this time last year we were in Alaska.  That’s still hard to believe.  Seems like it was a long time ago.

Here are some stats from our Alaska trip taken in part from our blog of August 7th, 2011..

It started with “I gained 15 lbs…..what’s up with that?

Average MPH 48

Driving hours 138

Avg miles per day – usually 100 to 150 when moving

Miles traveled from U.S. border and return 6650

Number of days border to border 87

Gallons of fuel used 879 (incl generator/heat)

Average MPG 6.4

Avg Diesel prices after converting US/CA $4.69

Avg camping per night for 86 nights - $16

Eat out - Meals are about 35% more overall

Groceries – 30% to 50% more depending on item

Cost of tourism – unknown…..will vary per desires

Over all trip cost – priceless….

Damage to vehicles (ours) – RV lost 3 hubcaps, few minor chips in paint at lower panels, cracked (12”) windshield just inside U.S., Car – few minor chips in front of car.

2014 Alaska Plans---Next time we will go to Kodiak Island, Juneau and nearby islands. More dry camping, less eating out, more days overall, more days in Anchorage, more halibut fishing, no kayaks, and a few other ideas.”  end of quote from the entry….

Tomorrow we will be doing something that we normally don’t do………no not that!

See ya……………….