Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Baileyton, TN

We are in Baileyton, TN.  Why you might ask?  It’s because it’s about 400 miles from where we were yesterday and there’s a Passport America (PA) here.  For $20 we got FHU, 50 amp, pull thru…. why not stay.  Plus it’s 90 some degrees.  A little to hot for boone docking it.  Tomorrow we will go about 475 miles to another PA called Benchmark.  We’ve stayed there once before and it’s just OK for an overnighter.

It’s been a lot of fun staying in WV but it had to end and we need to return to Texas to take care of “stuff.”  We should arrive back in Livingston early Thursday evening.  I’ve already ordered “stuff” from Amazon for the little RV and some of it will be ready for pick up Friday.

We do have a good internet here.  That’s real nice.  Fuel prices are great……  That’s it for now.

See ya……………