Friday, September 16, 2016

Motorcycles Work Day

Mark arrived about 9 and we dove right into going over the Honda Trail CT110.  He wanted to check the plug, compression, timing, points, clutch and carburetor.  Just about everything was off a little but not bad.  He came to the conclusion that the motor/clutch was good.  The carburetor seems to have some problems and he knew it was a slam carb meaning it was made up of several carbs.  DSC_0002Hey, for $30 at Amazon we can make that problem go away and it’s now on order.

Next was to get the Harley running.  The new AGM battery arrived yesterday.  Before Mark arrived this morning, I installed it but had not turned the key.  DSC_0002-001When we (Mark) finished working on the Honda we went to the Harley.  It cranked just fine but just wouldn’t start.  Then we noticed while attempting to start it, it was pumping all the oil out of the breather tub. DSC_0001-001 Checked the dipstip and no oil indicated.  Now what?  It was too hot/humid to do anything else.  Mark had no idea what caused it.  Later on I moved the Harley and put rags and kitty litter on the spill.  Plus the tires were just about flat and I pumped them up to move it.  I will get some oil and a filter and install and try again.  Has anyone experienced or know of a problem like this.  If so, let me know.  I have misplaced my Harley shop book.  I can try and figure it out with it but couldn’t find the book.  The Harely wants to come out.DSC_0003

Here’s Carol looking for the end of the water hose.  I think she was getting ready to take an outside shower.DSC_0003-001

Wait there’s more!  Towards evening I started working on the 1985 Harley.  I read on line about the problem.  I couldn’t believe I found a bunch of info on it.  Bottom line I did a few minor things, blah blah blah and it started.  I will take it out tomorrow for a ride around the park.  The patina on this bike is just getting great and I like it a lot.  The Honda has it also.  I learned about patina on American Pickers.

see ya…………….