Monday, September 26, 2016

Get Your Engine Running…..

I started out like gang busters.  I started buy draining the oil in the little RV generator.  While that was draining I went and got some oil for it.  Plus I found a label on the Honda bike that said to use 91 octane so I filled up gas can with the high octane stuff.  Came back and put the new oil in the generator and started it up.  It don’t have an oil filter and takes 1.6 quarts of oil.  While it was running I filled the Honda cycle up with the 93 octane.  It really liked that high octane gas.  It idled better.  I wouldn’t think it needed high octane gas.  If you stop and think back in 1981 wasn’t normal gas starting out at 89 octane and went up to I think 96 at Sunoco.  The generator is happy with its new oil.  The air filter was fine.  Maintenance wise we are ready for the big trip to Alaska.  The packing of the inside will have to wait for March when we return from California.  Then back to California and North to Alaska.

With the new air compressor I blew off the leaves on the little RV.  What an easy job.

Let’s see, my Rand McNally GPS stopped working again.  Mark fixed it last time.  This was different and I figured out it was the connection at the GPS.  So I unplugged it and stuck a screw driver in the thing and just gave it a small twist.  It works now….

In the afternoon I decide to take the Honda Trail 110 for a ride.  19 miles later it’s doing fine.  It still needs a little work but it’s OK at this point.  I cruised at 50 mph until a small incline.  It holds steady for the most part at 45-47 mph.  That is way more than enough.  Now I need to get Carol on it and see how they both do.

It’s now 4:45 PM and it’s friggin pouring down rain.  Glad I wasn’t on the motorcycle for sure.

It rained cats & dogs until about 8 PM.  Then the dog and cat fight was on TV, Trump & Hillary.  I think they both lost…..blah blah blah blah blah……is all I heard.

See ya…………