Monday, September 19, 2016

Everybody Likes Spam–NOT!

$4 bucks for this drawer catch is just too much.  Enough saidDSC_0002

While out and about I got these two 1X6X6 boards for the Harley trailer.  Why?  So my feet can touch something while going up the ramp on the bike.  Improvise…. DSC_0003

Next was lunch.  Which one?DSC_0004I guess it will be the Hot & Spicy… just cut it up and cook them on the grill.DSC_0007

Now I did say cook them.  This is the way I like them and I ate them all.  I only eat them burnt.  Other wise I hate them.  They are so Goooood burnt!DSC_0011

Last night we had a guest visitor at our grill.  It likes the grease.  The animal has been here before and then tracks that grease on to the table then a chair then the floor.  We think its a possum.  Hey, I know some people are messier.DSC_0006

Here’s where the cigar butts go.DSC_0008

The cat’s daytime area when it’s not so hot.DSC_0009 

Hey, where’s everybody at?DSC_0010

Frank & Gloria King took us out to dinner.  We choose a little Chinese buffet on the edge of  town.  It’s hidden and you must know where it’s at basically.  The food was good and the company was outstanding.  We will get together some more hopefully.

See ya…..