Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Luckenbach Rally & Betty’s

No instructions.  Oh well. One nut at a time.  I’ve dealt with nuts before.  This is the bike carrier.  A couple of hours later…done.DSC_0001

Not to bad for an old fart putting it all together.  I’m too old for this kind of heavy mechanical work.DSC_0005

Another part to add.  The rear passenger foot pegs.  This is the kind of job this old fart should be doing instead of crawling around underneath installing 50 lb hitch receivers.DSC_0004

Wait I’m not done testing my old age.  Time to jack up the rear of this class C.  It was a first for me in a long time to change a tire basically.  I had to take the rear wheel off to add a valve stem extension to the inside rear dual.  The outside tire had to come off.  What a friggin job to do.  Bottom line…it’s done.DSC_0003

I’m 68 years old and I really realized it the last couple of days.  I’m just too old to do this kind of heavy physical work.  I’m sore like I’ve never been sore before.  Now I really feel old because I am.  The hell with that thinking young stuff.  It don’t work with heavy physical work.  Blah, blah, Blah……

Mark come over later in the day to check out my work.  He said, “Job well done.”  It didn’t help with my aches and pains but helped my ego.  He was checking out the LP lines inside the little RV.  I don’t mess with LP lines.  They are out of my safe range for me to attempt.  He’s gonna install a quick disconnect with a turn off inside the rig.  This will be so we can run our Mr Buddy for heat off the rig’s LP tank up towards Alaska.  The stock furnace just wastes too much LP for my liking.  He' ill be back Friday with the parts.

I still got a roof vent cover, mud flaps and a CB antennae to install.  That will almost do it for the outside stuff on this little RV.

I’ve been asked by people if they could go to Betty’s RV Park when we do.  Of course.  It’s a RV park that is open to everyone.  It’s not like Carol’s brother park up in WV which is just a family campground not open to the public.  Anyhow, we will be at Betty’s 27-30 Oct.  Give her a call to reserve and come on down.

Speaking of going places.  We will be at the  Luckenback Harvest Show 21 and 22 Oct.  No big RV’s allowed.  Field camping.  It’s a family thing with small RV’s or tents/ motorcycles, outside movies, raffles, auctions, flea market for motorcycles, country music, etc.  No carry in alcohol.  They sell it though.  They have a 30 mile motorcycle run for 100 cc motorcycles that is hilarious.  Hopefully they let my 110 cc bike in.  I’m taking my 1985 Harley too.  It’s a rally for kids cancer foundation.  Attendees numbers ran about 2,500 last year and I think this is their 13th year.  Check it out at

See ya…..