Friday, September 23, 2016

Yea It’s Friday

Yea, it’s Friday.  Oh, I thought I was still working and it’s the end of the week.  Now everyday is Friday and I don’t work and thus don’t get paid.  Really love retirement.  Seems like I very seldom get caught up on everything.  I get close ever once in a while in a blue moon.  Of course that’s true even when I was young (two years ago?).  As far as being caught up for a full timer, I think the list isn’t nearly as long but usually pretty important.  Blah, blah, blah……..

I went to What A Burger early (7:30 AM) this morning.  I got a biscuit & gravy plus a coffee for $2 bucks.  Hard to beat that.  Then on to DMV.  I got the 6X10 trailer titled/tagged so it’s legal.

When Carol returned from line dancing we headed for Woodville.  On the way I stopped at the Indian store and got my Mom 2 cartons of smokes at $36 each.  She’s at the age if she wants to smoke – let her smoke.  Then we stopped at Elijah's for lunch in Woodville.  Their food is really outstanding.  I had catfish and Carol had chicken and dumplings.

Next was to visit my Mom.  She was very alert and up beat.  Seems like she is getting better from her last medical episode of a few months ago.  That resulted her moving from an assisted living home to a nursing home.  She is in the right place.

Carol and I went to the nursing home office to check in.  I got several overdue pharmacy bills.  What a racket!  We have to wait a couple of more months to apply to Medicaid for her and resolve all this BS.  Blah, blah, blah…..

I had a rain check for NY steaks from the local grocery store from over a week ago.  I figured it was time to check it out.  I picked out some real good looking steaks and went to check out with the rain check saving $3 a pound.  I got about 6 pounds.  After about a 5 minute wait of them relabeling the steaks (6 of these babies), I checked out, no problem.  We split one for dinner.  Oh my!  They evidently put out the cheap cut meat when it’s on sale.  This steak could almost be cut with a fork.  Oh yea……

Well, we have filled up our house freezer in the mobile and the house freezer in the RV.  We are done with pork butt, chicken, steaks, pork chops, beef franks and some other stuff.  Wow, did we fill them up fast.

Don’t know why I got these little light bulbs below here if their still here when this is publish.  Maybe the blog has an idea……

See ya….. Light bulb

Light bulb