Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Harley Ran

We went to CARE for breakfast this morning.  We met Frank & Gloria King there.  They’re volunteer workers at CARE.  We had a nice talk and brought each other up to date on our happenings.

Next was off to Woodville to see my Mom.  Our arrival surprised her.  We were going to be back in Livingston towards the end of the month but got back early.  Mom’s memory is a little better and she was in a good mood.

We got back to Livingston a little before lunch.  I figured it was time to let the Harley out of the barn.  I got it out and went for a short and sweet run of about 20 miles around town.  That was real nice.  The old Harley ran like a trooper and didn’t miss a beat.  The Love Bugs were out and they don’t taste too bad.

Later that evening Mark came over.  We sat out later and smoked our cigars.  The weather was almost bearable being so humid.  Glad we had real cold beer to help us get thru it.  Seems like we all will be busy come the middle of Oct to the middle of Nov with “stuff.”

All is calm……

See ya…..