Sunday, September 18, 2016


I started the day planning to do nothing.  In other words just about a normal day lately.  I usually have a list to look at but didn’t even do that.

I started off by going outside and seeing all the tools that were slung about under the carport from working on the 110 Honda.  So I gathered all the tools in a box and put them in the garage.  Didn’t sort thru them to put them away.  Just gathered them and put them in the garage.  As a matter of fact, I put the box of tools next to the tools I had out for the Harley.  Honda is metric and the Harley is American tools.  I will sort them out and put them in the big tool chest another day that I don’t plan to do anything.  Then I had to sweep out the carport to make it look pretty.  Next was to put the Honda in the barn with the Harley.  No sense it sitting out.    One problem.  The garage was a mess and it wouldn’t fit.

Next was to at least to straighten the barn so the Honda would fit.  But first I had to clean up the oil spill from a few days ago.  You ask why didn’t I clean it up when I made it.  No need/desire to when it happened and it is a Man’s Cave and it wasn’t going anywhere.  Done that.  Then had to move “stuff” around and even threw some stuff in a box to take to the dump another day.  Finally everything fit.

This all happened between 7-9 AM.  After that it was to hot & humid.  It might have been the hottest day so far for us since being back.  By the heat of the day our temp gauges said 94-96 degrees and the humidity was up there too.  Being outside for more than 15 minutes doing anything means you were going to be soaking wet from sweat.

NASCAR…. good race…….

I made reservations for the Luckenbach motorcycle rally in October.  It’s gonna be a blast. It’s 300 miles away and starting on a Friday morning.  I made reservations for a nearby state park for Thursday night.  Now I have to ensure the Honda and Harley are running good.  Plus I have to get the motorcycle trailer and the front bike hauler ready that way there should be no problems.  Famous last words ain’t it.  Hey, it’s five weeks away…plenty of time.  Oh, yea.  I got to get the little class C ready…wash the roof, install a roof cover vent, change the oil/filter, and what ever else…..

Carol fixed a pork loin, rice and mushroom soup in a crock pot for dinner.  Boy that was good.

I tried working on some Loosey Goosey Alaska files but the computer said they were missing.  Great… what….Mark……maybe he can find them when he’s here next time.

See ya…..