Tuesday, September 20, 2016

RV Wash & Rain Of Course

By 7 AM I was out the door and getting the little RV ready to move and wash.  I unhooked the elect and moved the slide out in.  Really not much.  I moved it from underneath the RV Port to just outside the port roof.  The little RV roof needed a cleaning more than anything and I wanted to stand up when I washed it.  I washed the roof then the entire rig to include the awning.  I finished up about 9 AM.  The down pour of rain came 15 minutes later.  Dog on it.DSC_0007 DSC_0006  It stopped about 10 AM.  10:30 I was out washing the little RV again.  Mainly I wanted to get the leaves off of it.  The roof was so slick! How slick was it?  I had to spray where I was going to put my feet or I would slip on the leaves.  So, I sprayed them off the roof.  Then I had to do the sides of the RV because that’s where the roof leaves went.  Hey, just being part of an RVer.  All finished and parked back under the roof.DSC_0010DSC_0012DSC_0015

See this wheel.  I took the wheel covers off because I don’t want them on for the Alaska trip.  They would hold dirt, can’t check the air with them on, etc.   Anyhow, I’m trying to figure out to fix all these scratches from the wheel covers.DSC_0016 I can paint a ring around the outer edges, maybe orange.  I can buy chrome rings at about $75 or so.  Don’t care for that.  Or just leave them alone which I don’t like the look.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, enough said……

See ya……..