Thursday, September 22, 2016

Getting It Done

I looked up the weather for the next two weeks here in Livingston.  Starting Monday and continue on thru September and a week into October (how far I looked), the temperatures are suppose to be in the 80’s and even the low 80’s.  Now we are talking about some good weather.  I guess Fall means falling temperatures along with the leaves which are already starting to fall.  This roof was cleaned yesterday.DSC_0009

Next was to get back to drilling on the front of the RV.  Where’s Ed & Denny when I need them?  I had two holes drilled but they need to be drilled out more with the new bits I got.  They didn’t work – too small.  I got the right size, 1/16, at Tractor Supply and all is fixed now and even painted.DSC_0018

Next was the roof vent cover.  DSC_0001I know the Fantastic Fan company says it will cut down air flow by covering a vent but I got a whole bunch of air flow so that won’t matter.  I need to have a vent open when it rains in hot weather plus if we’re not in the RV with the vent open it will now be OK.  Their brackets couldn’t be installed so I just caulked the hell out of it.DSC_0006

Since I got this extra 200 lbs (motorcycle) hanging off the front bumper I wanted to air up the front tires to 75 lbs. That’s what the book says and we know the book is always right just like a RV/car salesman.  Well, I tried.  My air compressor machine of about 7 years decided it was retiring and stopped.  I tried fixing it last year when it started going bad.  Well, I got an extra year out of it.  I went to Tractor Supply, Walmart, Lowes, auto store and ended up getting one from Tractor Supply.  It’s a 10 gallon and not for traveling with – too big but not huge.  It was on special what ever sales gimmick that is.DSC_0016

Carol’s Mariner needs an oil change.  No problem.  Walmart it’s $20 and that will be another day.  I checked yesterday. 

Now I want to change the oil in the little RV.  I’m gonna give it a try – not today.  I haven’t changed the oil in a vehicle in decades.  I got all the stuff – Ford synthetic blend oil, Ford filter, oil pan and an oil filter wrench.  Now I need to loose another 20 lbs so I can fit under the RV.  This oil change will wait a while longer too.

Wait, there’s more!  I’ve been trying to buy a 6X10 wood plank open trailer for almost two years now.  It has been for sale the last couple of months for $800.  I stopped by and offered her $500.  She tried to negotiate for more and I was very firm on $500 and she gave in.  The trailer will replace my little 4X6 trailer for sure.  The 6X10 trailer is easier to load the big Harley on to and safer too.DSC_0015

Plus at Tractor Supply I got this 6 ton bottle jack for $20.  My 1 ton just isn’t getting it.DSC_0017

So I got a lot of “stuff” done today.  Tomorrow will be to get the trailer registered.  This will be an adventure for sure.  The small town atmosphere has left this DMV as far as I’m concerned.

See ya…….