Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Yes I Did


This morning we were setting eating breakfast at the Huddle House in Conroe, Tx.  It’s fast and really pretty good, especially the hash browns which I really like them there taters.

We both had doctors appointments nearby at 8 AM.  He sees us both at the same time.  Carol is doing fine with a 108 blood pressure.  Not me.  Mine was 158, about normal.  The doc checked my neck and said the ER in WV gave a wrong diagnosis.  Blah, blah, blah etc.  I did get a shot in the butt of something (I can’t spell) for being exceptionally tired in the afternoons.  We shall see.  I get one a month for 3 months and then a complete blood work up to see what’s happening.

While we were doing all this with the doc Mark brought over my Honda 110 Trail bike.  Ain’t it cute.DSC_0001

Hey Walmart…..Blue Light Special - 88 cents for the grill scrapers (ea) and 88 cents for the lighters (ea)….DSC_0002

I decided to install the front hitch receiver on the little RV.  The instructions said 30 minute installation.  Seven hours later, one burnt drill and a $20 special drill bit I did it.  The frame was really hard and thick.  The receiver weighed 75 lbs.  The directions said to loosen the front bumper nuts.  Hell, I just took the bumper off.  It was heavy too.  Removing the bumper did make the install go easier.  I could see everything.DSC_0006



Everything went back together and it really looks good.

To cool down I rode the little Honda around the park which was mostly gravel.  It started up on the first kick.  Yes, it’s only a kick start but a very easy one.  I had cheap sandals on.  The gravel was exciting in itself because of the small narrow tires.  The front tire is 25 years old and looked it.  The inside of the tread had dry rot BAD.  Glad they have tubes in them.   Since it was dark I could check out the light system.  Low and high beam, turn signals, brakes, etc.  Everything worked and was bright.  Nice horn – beep beep in a high irritating level.

What an active day…… I think I might need three or four days to recover.

See ya…….