Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Waxed Several Ways

Out the door by 7:30 and waxing the RV.  Yes….  I’m waxing an RV and I’m too old and lazy for that just about.  I'll pay for it tomorrow for sure.

I usually get my rig washed and waxed in Yuma for about $100 in January.  I’ve been doing this for many years.  BUT, this little RV won’t make it to Yuma in 2017.  The big one will and I will have it done again.  Now for the little RV.  I use Meguiar’s products even for the wash.  The wax I use is their carnauba paste wax, hand applied and removed.  Yes, it’s a lot of work but it’s a small RV too.  The liquid waxes I don’t care for.  Wipe them on and wipe them off.  It seems like I get a lot powder from doing it and I don’t need that powder in my eyes or lungs anymore.  I was just gonna do one side of the RV but it was nice out so I did the rear also.  Then I figured what the hell and I did the whole RV box but not the truck front end.  Another day that can be done.  It really looks nice.  Come Dec I will do a spray and wipe wax (Meguiar’s) just to touch it up.

Get this.  I get a computer call saying my meds were ready to be picked up at La Plata, Md CVS pharmacy.  I called them and asked them what was going on…. I’m the real Dennis Hill and I didn’t request any meds.  I eventually talked to the head mucka mucka.  He did some researched and found out there are two of us with the same name and birth date.  The one in Md they have been doing his meds for years but my info got mixed up with his.  The CVS in WV were I got some antibiotics, screwed it up.  They took the info in their computer (the other guy’s) and entered my address, insurance and all that.  Bottom line it’s straight now.  That’s a little scary…..

Next.. get this.  While waxing the RV and I could make out some lettering on the rear of the RV.  It was Road Bear RV Rentals & Sales.  RENTAL? Now I asked Lazydays before I bought it if is was a rental.  “No sir” from several people to include the sales manager.  Hey, their lips were moving and they are sales people.  I called the DMV in AZ.  It’s not against the law in AZ NOT to disclose a vehicle was a rental unit.  I called Lazydays and talked to somebody about my disappointment in Lazydays.   Then I sent an email to the CEO of all of Lazydays stores.  I got a call shortly thereafter from the General Manager of the Tucson store where we got it.  He did some quick research and found out yes it was a rental unit.  I told him how it’s on my checklist to ask  before I buy and I did with names given I talked to.  I was told it was NOT a rental.  He said he would do some more checking and get back to me.  Bottom line… I should have gotten a better deal. if it was a rental.

Plus my awning won’t lock in the open position.  It works like normal otherwise which is of no value if it won’t/can’t stay open.  Anyone have any similar problem at one time or another?

So it was an unusual interesting day.

See ya……….