Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What Time Is It Kids?

It’s Wednesday, grocery shopping day.  Carol wanted to go to Walmart so we went to Walmart.  She got what ever she wanted and I’ve forgot what I got.  We did stop at H.E.B. grocery store where I got pork butt for $1 a lb.  Got the limit which was two.

Back at the lot I decided to work on the front motorcycle carrier on the little RV.  My objective was to move the thing closer to the RV by moving the hitch closer.  The square piece that goes into the receiver needed to be moved inward more.  That means drilling a new pin hole.  I got out my tools and two drills and three batteries later I had the required holes.  One problem.  Their too small.

Rest of the day was fiddling around doing nothing special.

For dinner I made some hamburgers.  Haven’t had them for awhile so why not.  They were good too. 

Later that evening, $44 bucks for two drill bits at Lowe’s.  One will be going back if one works.  We shall see.  Since H.E.B. is next door to Lowe’s I stopped and got another two pork butts.

When I got back to the lot it was too dark to do any drilling plus the batteries were still charging.

We watched the new TV show Designated Survivor .  We liked it and it’s on our hit list to watch it again on Wednesday nights.

See ya……………..