Sunday, September 25, 2016

Oil Everywhere

Carol fixed me breakfast this morning.  It must be my birthday and I forgot.   Maybe I’m still asleep and dreamed it.  In any case, it was good.DSC_0001

Here’s the results of Mark installing the LP connection inside the little RV.  This is just below the stove.  The blue device you see is the turn off valve.  Plus it’s a quick connect.DSC_0007      

Today was change the oil day and pump air.  I started with the simple oil change first.  The Honda Trail 110 cc bike.  I moved it up on the trailer so it would be easier to get to.DSC_0004

It took 1.2 quarts.  No oil filter.  That was easy.  Then I aired up the tires to their max capacity.

Next was the little RV oil/filter change.  No problem.  I crawled underneath the front end.  I even fit.  I couldn’t roll over but I could breath.  No mess except for the little splash out of the oil pan when I first opened the drain valve.  I replaced the oil and filter with Ford products.  I checked the air and all the tires were OK except the front.  I pumped them up to their max because of the weight (Honda) I will be carrying up front.

Another day I will change the generator oil.  No oil filter and it takes 1.6 quarts of oil. 

I had already drilled the carrier hitch for the Honda.  I painted it and moved it all back about 5 inches towards the bumper.  Looks a lot better and safer nowDSC_0008

Toys, toys, blah, blah, blah……DSC_0002

Not a bad looking motorcycle for being 31 years old.DSC_0003

I installed the 2 inch ball and a different hitch for the trailer.  I wanted the trailer slightly higher in the front because of the weight it will be carrying.  Sometime in the next month Mark will load his BMW 650 cc on it.  Then I will load the Harley on it.  Then we will weigh the trailer and see if Mark can tow it.  If he can tow it, he will tow it one way and me the opposite way to where we go (Luckenbach 21 Oct – Betty’s RV Park 27 Oct).

I got all the “stuff” that I’ve been using in the barn.  Not put away,  just in the barn.  I will have to put it away another day.  Theirs room for the Harley and the Honda.  DSC_0006

That new 10 gallon air compressor for home use is really nice.  Can’t really take it in the big RV and no real need to.  The big RV has its own compressor that goes up to about 100 psi.  I just have to remember to put the air hose back in it that I’m using now.

Another retired day.

See ya…………….