Friday, September 9, 2016

Barn Fine


At sun up I was was washing the bugs off the front of our RV.  The old saying if you want rain just wash your RV.  Well, this time the rain didn’t wait for me to finish.  This was a first.  I got the bugs off the RV and me too just in case. 

Then it was on to the little Class C.  I had the four vents opened about an inch.  Plus, I had a fan plugged in and on.  You know I still got some mold on the dash and a little on the dinette seats.  I really didn’t think I would get any.  I got some disinfectectant (sp?) wipes and 15 minutes later it was all gone.  Plus I washed the outside of the RV where it was real dirty from setting.  It started right up.

Mark showed up a little later.  He brought me a DryMistat for a cigar humidor.  Well, that was nice but I don’t have a humidor for my cigars.  So Carol gave me one of her Rubbermaid containers to hold my 20 or so cigars.  I now have a humidor.  Thanks Mark.  I gave Mark a cedar lined cigar carrier that Carol got up in Maryland. 

Mark fixed my email on my computer.  He basically set up my profile again what ever that means.  He also knew that my 1 year old Harley battery went belly up.  He ordered an AGM battery for it for me.  It’s part of a power back up system for computers.  It met all the requirements to fit/run the Harley.  No it did not cost a small fortune. How about $35 for an AGM and it will work great.  I love it.

Then Mark and I went over to his place to check out the Honda Trail 110 pictured above.  I agreed to buy it several months ago (Craig’s List) before the guy rebuilt/restored it.  It’s a 1981 with 2,200 miles and had been in a barn since 1989.  It needed a motor top end and other stuff when the guy got it.  Mark went up to Dallas and picked it up when the guy finished it.  Mark knew about these Honda Trail bikes since he had one at one time.  He checked it all out and thus brought it back to Livingston while we were up in WV.   Everything works on it and it’s original.  I love it.  Mark rode it around.  Then I rode it around.  Then I got on the back and Mark rode us around.  It did fine.  It’s not for the Interstate but for small back roads it will be fine.  It will be outstanding for our Alaska trip next year.

I got mail.  Big boxes.  Not done with this saga yet but it can wait until tomorrow.

Damn it’s humid here and the love bugs are coming out.  More about them at a later time.

See ya…..