Thursday, September 29, 2016

Get Your Motors Running

Skip the do nothing morning.  It’s time to go riding on a 110 cc trail bike to La Colonia for lunch.  Plus I had my fancy well identified Harley Davidson helmet on.  I met Mark out on the main drag.  This road the speed limit is 70 mph.  Yes folks, 70 mph.  This is Texas and speed is of no concern unless your on a 110 cc motorcycle.  Mark had his 200 cc motorcycle and could just do about any legal speed.  He was gonna be my sky pilot for me – my watch out.  We got going and sped up to a fast 50 mph by my speedo on this 4 lane road.  The little Honda was wound up tight like a rubber band all stretched out.  We arrived at our eatery.  The little Honda was an attraction getter.  Mark said I got up to 55 mph but my speedo said only 50 mph. 

We had a great lunch with the 6 of us there.  I had chili relleno here for the first time.  I’ve maybe have had it a half dozen times ever.  This was the greatest so far.

I left La Colonia and had an immediate hill to climb.  I never made it beyond 30 mph going up this hill.  On top and down the road I got up to only 45 mph.  Must have been a head wind.  Got back to the lot and put the Honda in the Barn.  It was tired.

Next was dinner time.  We invited Frank & Gloria King over since they are pulling out tomorrow morning.  We also invited Jon & Sue Glick.  I had some smoked pulled pork that was really good.  We jaw jacked for a couple of hours then I had to leave.  I already made a commitment for another activity.  Then Carol became the activity director for this remaining group.

I was due over Mark’s place and made it just in time.  It was the meeting of the Cigar & Liquor Group.  I was initiated and voted it.  Then for 4 1/2 hours we smoked cigars, drank 15-20 year old whiskey setting outside at a campfire.  We all had stories to tell and did.  Temps got into the low 60’s by evenings end.  It was really great and will do it again soon.  Here are some so so pictures.  No faces to protect the guilty but I think you will get gist of things.  DSCN1347DSCN1348DSCN1349

So all a good night…..DSCN1350 

Today was just another day in retirement.

See ya..