Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Clean Up Day?

I got these filters out of the barnstorage and cleaned them up.  I will use this system out west.DSC_0001

I cleaned and straighten up the barn.  It’s now an organized mess to the best of my ability almost.  I even got the motorcycles in there with room to spare.  They’re on the other side of the table.  I ordered two tires for the little Honda.  It will be a lot safer when they go on.  The tires are no newer than 1990 when it went  into storage until this year.DSC_0002

I pulled the little RV out and moved the trailer sideways.  Then I backed the rig back inside and over a couple of feet.  Now I have the same amount of room on both sides of the RV.DSC_0003

Then I installed this connection coming off the LP tank, high pressure side.  Now I can use a fire pit  or a BBQ.  I got an 8 ft and 2 ten foot hoses that I can use.DSC_0004

We’ve had a possum we think come up and attack the oil pan under the BBQ.  In turn it left this table covered with its foot prints.   I used some of that purple cleaner and it cleaned up real good.DSC_0006

Next was the Bradley Smoker.  The inside is black looking,  just fine.  I cleaned up the dispenser and electronic box that is setting on the left.  It’s ready for a little pig.DSC_0008

Here’s little miss priss…… she loves being outside even in this thing.DSC_0007

Today’s weather has been the best since we returned here this time.  I guess that’s why I got so much done today.  I might have to - not do anything else the rest of the week.  I’m retired!

See ya…………..