Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Friggin Computer

I lost over 22,000 pictures that were in my computer.  Yes, over 22,000 pictures since 2009.  I must have hit a wrong button and whoosh they were gone.  So what do you do when something is wrong with your computer?  I hit buttons of course.  Then I lost my Microsoft Outlook…my email stuff.  The program starts to open but never does.  It’s “processing.”  Oh, I’m not done now.  Now I have nothing to lose so more buttons.  I got my pictures back some how.  I don’t know how.  I just pushed buttons.  No email Outlook.  So, I’m using some funky email system that came with the computer.  I’m not sure 100% if I’m sending/receiving everything.

My blog is very slow to upload.  It has taken over several hours to upload.  That’s one reason I’m not actively doing it.  Another reason is that we are just enjoying the wilderness.  To say that everyday would be tiring for some if I said that everyday.  Maybe it would be jealously too.

Due to my recent neck problem we are returning to Livingston early like in next Tuesday we leave here.  We will be back in Livingston by the end of the week.  My doctor’s appointment is the following week.

Back in Livingston I will be able to get myself fixed, my computer can get fixed, work on my Harley, Carol can line dance and we can have some parties.  All will be well.

See ya…..