Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Happened to Tuesday?

Yesterday, Tuesday, we got caught up in the day.  I had to measure where our RV home (Journey) was going to fit under the carport.  I measured and I measured.  I laid down a rope where the tires had to be so all doors could open up on both sides without hitting the structure.  Carol backed our RV along the line….DSC_0002

front and rear….DSC_0001

Then it was time to open the doors…..first the driver side.  It was close but made it…..DSC_0008

and so did the passenger side door.DSC_0009

I didn’t have a total of three inches between the biggest doors and the structure.  I love a plan when it comes together.  I originally planned this before I ordered the carport.  I got lucky too!

Here’s where our RV home was….FHU was to the right.  The right side is where I went crazy with saws, etc…..DSC_0003

Here’s the greenery I cut down prior to Carol backing the RV out of the driveway.DSC_0004

Then today, Wednesday, we drove the 105 mile south to pick up the camper.  It was ready and no problems.  They replaced the right leaf spring along with some fittings.  Before the camper leaned about  1 and 1/2  inches to the right.  Now only about a half inch.  I can adjust that level with the airbags with no problem.  It leans because the manufacture put all the heavy stuff on the right side…. duh….

We made 20 mile or so detour to Liberty.  They have fresh seafood and we got some big shrimp dinners to go for later.

I think the camper is getting 9+ MPG pulling a car.  Won’t know until I fill it up.  We got back and parked the camper where the big RV was.  No bigee.

Then I had to hook up satellite receivers/sats for the mobile and the big RV (home).  Our sat dish on the big RV is under roof now.  I got one of them to work in the mobile.  The one inside the big RV is a bitch.  I will have to work on it more.DSC_0011

We ate our dinners and watched TV in the mobile.  Then we went home.

See ya……..