Saturday, March 19, 2016

Going Camping

It seemed a little different to “load” the camper up to go camping.  Usually we will just batten down the hatches so things don’t move while we go down the road and leave in our RV.  Now we have to put “stuff” in a camper because it’s a camper.  Meaning we are using it for short trips for now and we don’t really store much in it.  We might leave some stuff in it now but it will go back into our home, the big RV, when we return.  It’s a lot of work moving stuff into it.  Food, drinks, clothes, bathroom stuff, kitchen things, bedding, etc..  Just think.  We use to do this a lot when we had jobs and worked and then on weekends go camping.  Now we live in a RV and don’t have to move in and out of it on weekends.  We move stuff around between our home, the mobile, the barn and now a camper.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with that many storage places and where something is.

So, that is what we did today…moved stuff around.  Tomorrow we leave in the camper.

In the evening we went of over Mark’s for his chili.  It was good.  Then for desert we had chocolate pudding cake with Blue Bunny velvet almond ice cream and a lot of whipped cream.  We pigged out……….

See ya………