Tuesday, March 1, 2016

RV Wash

This morning at 5 AM it was 60 degrees outside.  That’s nice.  Time to wash the car and the little RV this morning if my foot will let me.  Maybe I can get Carol to wash the RV and car…NOT!

I washed both of the vehicles.  Not hard just time consuming.  Rest of the day I continue to straighten “stuff” up around our lot.  I guess I’m undoing what I did as a geo bachelor for two weeks.  It looked alright to me.

We went to Walmart to stock up for our empty frig shelves.  We only got a half of cart.  It was still expensive.   I thought we only needed milk and bread.  I forgot about the hair coloring, cat food, kitty litter and all that “stuff.”

See ya…….