Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two Packages - YEA

Got two packages from Amazon today.  I think we all like to get a package from them.  One had my floor matts for the camper.  They fit perfect…DSC_0003

They’re  that rugged type that holds rocks along with a couple of pints of water.  Every vehicle we’ve had in the past I had these types of matts.

The other package had our (Carol) balancer for the camper.  Carol wanted something she could see without squinting for 5 minutes.DSC_0008As you can see the frig is level and that’s why all the green lights.  Carol can see this one from about a foot away!  Here is where we will have it when going into a sight…..DSC_0004

Then put out boards that tires can drive up on to level the camper just so you can get close to being level.  That’s the short story.


I'm still messing with the sat dish stuff.   I’m past the point of knowing how to put it back like it was…..DSC_0017

See ya…………..