Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Camper Fire For Us

Well, 40 some years of camping/RVing and we finally had a fire inside the camper.  It was a tiny one and in the microwave.  Sparks turned into spits of fire and flame.  I turned off the microwave and the flame went out.  It’s like a piece of metal was inside of the microwave but there wasn’t any.  I wiped off the burn marks and found it was a cover for a lightbulb that decided to go up in flame.  Interesting……now what?

We spent the last two nights here at a COE park and it was calm and peaceful.  We plan on doing it again next week over in Conroe while doing some medical stuff for me.

We left when we were ready about 10:30 AM or so for the 60 mile trip.  The little camper did fine in the winds that couldn’t decide which direction they were coming from.  I fueled up and the little camper V10 engine got 8.3 MPG (340 miles) towing a car in high winds in rolling hills.  I think it will come up in the future.

We got back and remembered why we left – a lot of projects going on.  Carol worked on the flower beds and I worked on the motorhome sat cable TV.  Dave Wilson came over and he couldn’t figure out anything either and left after giving it a good try.  I finally figured out to reset the remote.  Then after disconnecting everything that looked like a cable and reconnected only the necessities – portable sat dish to receiver – TV to receiver – IT WORKED!  Now I got all these loose cables all over the place.  Plus, early May I have to put everything back and have it work when we are out from underneath of the carport.  Oh well.  Worry about it then.

Then it was the camper’s time for me to entertain myself.  Since the sun was out most of the time I figured it was time to check out the solar.  The readings were almost zero.  I got up on the roof and the solar panels were really cruddy from the pollen and dew.  I cleaned them up real good.  Wow, solar power now.  In it’s best reading it got up to 18.3 amps coming down off the roof.  Then the controller boasted it up to over 23 amps going into the two batteries.  That’s outstanding.  I tried running a heater on low and the system shut down.  Oh well.  It did run 5 oscillating fans.  Then I hooked up the frig.  It ran fine but the sun must be out or it it drops below 12 volts pretty quick.

About then it was dinner time.  Carol wanted Little Caesar’s pizza and why not.

We ate, we watched TV, we went to bed.

See ya….