Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Foot Loose

My foot is really giving me a hard time.  I feel like Chester on the old TV show Gunsmoke.  You youngins won’t remember.  I figure it must be the return of the gout.  Just so happen I had a lot of medicine left over from last year so I’ve been taking it.

I called Ford about doing the suspension on the little RV.  Well,  now they say they will CALL ME next week.  They better say bring it in.  They stuck another vehicle ahead of me so I’m on to them.  If they say they can’t do it next week, I will talk to the Service Manager and if that don’t get results it will be the General Manager.   Hopefully I won’t have to do that but I’m ready to hold them accountable for what they already told me.  It’s that simple.

I watched The Voice on TV vice the election results.  There were no surprises.

It was sunny today and that was nice.  I went in the barn to see what I could get into.  Oh yea, my air compressor.  It wasn’t holding air.  It ran continuously.  Why not take it apart and see what makes it tick.DSC_0001 DSC_0002

I sprayed some dry lube on the little cylinder and put it back together.  It works a little quieter.  Must be those two little parts that I had left over.  Oh well, it holds air now.

Next was the MCD shade in the bedroom.  It won’t roll up.DSC_0003

Here’s the inside spring.  It has a piece of plastic on one end that looks broke.DSC_0010

And this little green plastic nut is broke in two pieces.DSC_0011

I called MCD.  They want $35 for the spring and $10 for the green nut plus $10 to ship.  That ain’t gonna happen.  Looks like a standard shade from Lowes or Walmart will do just fine.  It’s on my list to check out.

I need to cut a hole in the aluminum carport so I can run a sewer hose and water thru it.  I drilled a 3/8 inch hole so I could get a saws all blade in it.  Now I need a metal blade to cut metal.  A trip to Lowes is in the future. 

I think I’m done “fixin” things for today.

H.E.B. grocery store has T-bone steak for $3.97 a lb.  I will have to take a look and see what they call T-bone.  They usually cut off the small good part  that Carol eats.  We shall see.

See ya……………