Saturday, March 12, 2016

Butt Butt Butt…..

Let’s see what I can get into day.  Well, I crawled under the little RV front end and saw that it needed a grease job.  It had zerts which are little due hicky fittings for putting grease in a rubber boot thing.  The rubber things were empty so I greased the front end which amounted to 5 fittings.

Now what?  Oh yea.  I got a butt thawed out in the mobile frig.  Seems like I’ve gradually got to where I used seasonings but nothing really hot.  I've gone back to my roots which is hot & spicy.  Here are my ingredients today that I used for the rub.DSC_0005

Here’s the butt all rubbed down and ready and just setting out for a few hours to get to room temperature.  DSC_0003

I putt it in the smoker at 225 degrees and will smoke with mesquite for about 6 hours.

It will be done in about 18 to 20 hours (Sunday) around 10 AM.  Then I will wrap it up in foil and a towel and put it inside a small ice cooler.  I will take it out around 5 PM or so.  It will be tender…………

Who is this person backing into our driveway?  Probably wants to know if they can haul away any trash.DSC_0006

It’s Mark in his old pick up!  Or is it old Mark in his pick up?  I think he said the pick up is a 1973 and he has had it since 1984.  Wow, that’s a long time to have something.  It’s old.  I got something old like that.  Let’s see, where is she…..DSC_0007

We tasted some of his special home brew stout beer.  Yep, it was good beer.

We solved some world problems and declared a President all in one setting.  We also decided to go motorcycle riding tomorrow.  It’s suppose to be sunny and warm here in Texas.

See ya…………