Friday, March 4, 2016

RV Tires & Concrete/Harley

$20 bucks at Walmart for the air filter for the little RV V10 gas engine.  Next time I’m gonna order several from Amazon for about 1/2 the price.DSC_0003

Yes I was at Walmart by 7:30 AM to avoid the rush.  I got the air filter plus a set of cheap floor mats for $10.  I will use them to lay on the concrete to drive on with the RV.  They will go underneath the tires.  This will protect the tires against releasing the ultra violet sun ray protection in the tires into the concrete.  The concrete just loves to pull this chemical out of tires.  We’re talking about setting on concrete for more than a week for me.  This concrete is new and looking to absorb anything.  These were only have one week of setting.DSC_0008

Here are some more pics…..DSC_0002DSC_0006DSC_0007DSC_0009

While at Walmart I also got 2 pair of shoes.  Yes, I’m throwing away two pair of shoes.  Now, where are Carol’s shoes?

GAS went up 20 cents in one shot.  What the hell.  Did all the refineries burn down or what?  Did it go up like that in other places or is there a little monopoly here in Livingston.  People will now say, “It’s still under 2 dollars a gallon.”  I say BS.  $1.39 to $1.59 in a day is way too much.  Diesel is holding at $1.69.  Where’s Donald Trump?  Does anyone care who can stop it before it gets ridiculous.  blah.. blah .. blah. 

Time to add the DEF to the big RV.  Three containers (2 1/2 gal ea) have been setting next to the DEF tank door for several weeks.  Empty now.  DSC_0004That’s something I did now.DSC_0005  DEF is diesel exhaust fluid.  It has a fancy name but diesel exhaust fluid name is fine.  ALL new diesels have to have this.  It’s part of the environmental help stuff.  Freightliner put the DEF tank on the opposite (wrong) side of where you fill up with diesel.  That’s where the DEF dispenser are also.  I can’t fill the DEF tank when I fill up with fuel.  I either have to turn around and go in to the fuel pumps the opposite of traffic or fill up by the box.  Sorry, I don’t go into commercial truck pumps the wrong way.  Truckers get very upset.   Newer RVs have the DEF tank on the correct side.  Engineers evidently didn’t figure this out before they put RVs into production.   Same ole same ole.  Put it out there and see if it works.  Freightliner did what RV manufactures have been doing for years and that is to sell it to the public and see if it works.  Blah.. blah… blah…

Let’s see… 80+ degrees and sore foot… Yes, I did think about it……DSC_0011

Then I uncovered it…DSC_0026DSC_0027

Then I ….. nope… it was dark by now….

See ya…………