Saturday, March 5, 2016

Motorcycling RV

A motorcycle is a RV when you think about it.  Well, today Mark & I went RVing on Motorcycles.  His is a, I forget what year but it’s an antique (tag) and so is my 1985 Harley.  We went 175 miles on our little first ride of the year.  No where special,  just back roads.

We stopped and had lunch at Elijah's in Woodville, TX.  I’ve been there before and Mark hadn’t.  He had the small chicken fried steak and I had the small catfish.  Both were big and came with two side dishes.  Mark said this was probably the best chicken fried steak he’s had.  My catfish was the best catfish I’ve ever had.  These people know how to cook.  Service was a little slow because it was very crowded.  The food was hot and outstanding.

Back on the road again.  Both bikes were are old and they did quite well.  My Harley didn’t even mark it’s spot (drip oil).  It looks old and it’s not shiny at all.  It has rust on all the chrome, paint is peeling on some engine parts but it looks good.  What’s that called patina?  It’s a 31 year old Harley and it runs and shifts very well.   We cruised at about 60-70 MPH.  I remember seeing a sign that said there was a curve ahead 35 MPH.  We went into it at 60 MPH and came out of the turn doing 60 MPH with no trouble what so ever.  The thrill of RVing at a different level.

See ya….