Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just Another Grocery Day

The highlight today was to go grocery shopping for sale items only.  We went to H.E.B, Aldi and Kroger grocery stores all within a short distance of each other.  We only got 3 items at each store.  They were great sale items and the only ones we got.  How about milk $1.79 a gallon for an example.  Our frig is jammed packed.

We lived this far without a microwave and it is doable.  We had to actually turn on the AC yesterday.  It got into the 80’s and the humidity was high which was the killer. 

I grilled one of the sausages we got today.  Four for $5.  It was good.

The earlier rain, the high winds and even the fast moving grass cutting machine didn’t mess up our satellite dome that we had setting on the ground.   It’s the initial set up that was a lot of trouble.  Maybe when we get back to Livingston it will do better.

See ya…………………