Sunday, March 20, 2016

Camping–Return to the basic….


DSC_0004It’s a Crops Of Engineer Park called Sandy Creek.  It’s off route 190 here in Texas between Woodville and Jasper.  We got 50 AMP and electric for $9 with the Golden Access Pass.  True we can’t use the 50 AMP but there’s more selection of campsites when I paid the extra $1.  The asphalt driveway was level enough too!It’s close to the water and pretty quiet.  DSC_0003It’s windy as hell and it’s keeping the fishermen off the water so you know it’s bad.  This is a fishing campground for sure and with kids.  Most of the campsites are taken but very few people outside due to the wind/cold.  We are here to see what’s it like for us both to be in this camper.  You know, it’s not as bad as we thought especially having the slide out.  We have plenty of inside storage.  It’s the counter space around the stove and sink that is lacking.  I would say that’s pretty normal for a camper this size (actual 25 ft).

The sat dish wouldn’t work due to the abundance of trees.  We did get some local channels and the major networks so we were fine.  I did some rerouting/removing of lines to the stock TV and VCR that I removed.  I put in a TV that has its own DVD player in the TV.  I think it’ 7 yrs old and does fine.  I’m glad the TV gets local air channels.  I was concerned and this was the first test.  Great……!

The LED light bulbs work great.  Not real real bright but very usable for sure.  Better that the standard bulbs for sure.

We will be here for a big whooping two nights and it’s 60 miles from home.DSC_0004

The two door frig works great and it is the right size for this camper what ever it is.  Not sure of the size.

We used a tiny heater on low with a thermostat and it held the camper and 65 degrees.  The outside temperature this morning was 39 degrees.  This camper will work perfect in the ports of the Alaska Marine Highway in April and May.  Temps will be in the mid 50’s and low 40’s usually with very little wind if any.

The kitty don’t like traveling at all and even less in the camper.  I guess because it’s louder and not as smooth.  Once we stopped she was investigating every little cubby hole.  She gets away from us by jumping on the sleeping area above the driver/passenger seats.  We use it for a ittle storage at this point.

We are not hooked up the water.  We came in with about 30-40 gallons because that’s about what we will be usually carrying.  We are not conserving at all with only two nights of camping.  We have 50 gallon capacity which is great.  I think the gray is 35 and black 25 gallons which are nice.

Carol has her camper rocker inside and uses it a lot.  I set at the table.  I think we will bring her small table next time for her.  We know with a camper that when we are finished using something that it has to be put away.  Space is still a premium. 

Getting here the wind was pretty strong but doable and safe.  We towed the Mercury and I was working the tow/haul mode off and on plus it was rolling hills.  Not sure of the mileage yet. 

So we went to bed about 9 PM and it was a comfortable night.

See ya….