Monday, March 14, 2016

Just Shy Of 16 Years AND

First Carol went to Line Dancing this morning and returned around 10 AM.  We hooked up the car and left in the camper for a 105 mile trip to the Ford dealer.  We went south on highway 59 the entire trip and right thru downtown Houston.  Not to bad but it did get slow a couple of times.  We arrived about 12.30 and wasn’t there 10 minutes after unhooking the car.  They will replace the right side suspension of the camper tomorrow.  We ate lunch at Mickey D’s and got back home about 3 PM or so.

I decided I would wash the big RV today before putting it in the carport tomorrow.  The roof wasn’t too bad at all.  I did have it washed & waxed in Yuma in January.  I don’t think it’s been washed since then except to get the bugs off the front.  It’s looking good now with shiny wheels and all.

Next was to do a dump.  Our black water tank was full and then some.  Well folks, 2 months shy of 16 years of full timing and nearly a total of over 40 years of camping/RVing it happened.  The black water hose broke when I pulled the handle.  Yepper, broke almost in half in the middle.  Now I’ve had little boo boos before of course but not on a scale this big.  Oh yea, our toilet paper was all dissolved like it should be.  As this was happening I jumped up very high to avoid any splash back.  I think I might have seen the roof again it was so high.  What goes up must come down.  Shortly thereafter I changed my shoes and everything else I was wearing.  I cleaned the area up before the Landlord (Carol) saw it.  I was gonna take pictures but Carol said NO!

After that I retired for the evening.

See ya……