Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Here Comes The Butt…

Kitty can sleep anywhere and does.DSC_0003

Just a few cablesDSC_0004

and a few more.  I finally got it to work and even programmed the remote for the receiver and TV.  That was the easy part.DSC_0005

I found this old flat cable for going thru windows.DSC_0007

What have we here….DSC_0008

I bet the people setting here will want that butt but smoked.  But butt?DSC_0009

Carol’s garden with 10 bags of mulch and a lot of hard labor and love….DSC_0010DSC_0011

Why not have two satsDSC_0012

If you put your glasses on and search you can see how I ran the cable over to the RV.DSC_0013

Mark came over and looked at the camper’s microwave.  He officially pronounced it dead.  Now to find a cheap replacement that fits.

So the butt went into the smoker and will come out tomorrow.

See ya…………