Friday, March 18, 2016

Getting Ready To Go Camping

Which door do I put stuff in?DSC_0001

There’s storage bins underneath these tubs.  I like using tubs everywhere.DSC_0002

This will go too.DSC_0003Organized believe it or not.DSC_0004

The Rand McNally GPS that was in the upper left went hard down.  Then I had a Garmin GPS that went hard down.  Mark has the Rand McNally and is taking it apart to see what’s going on.  I got another Garmin that I don’t care for that much that I will use.  Of course it won’t break!DSC_0005

Oh I went grocery shopping for sale items only.DSC_0001DSC_0002The big rig isn’t moving for over a month so I loaded up…all on sale like veggies 2 for a $1, Progresso Soups a $1.25 each and so on.

See ya….