Thursday, March 10, 2016

Still Raining Here In Texas

Guess what?  It’s still raining in Texas, duh.  Hey, everything is done big in Texas.  When it rains it pours is definitely an under statement so we know Trump didn’t say it.  This rain the last few days is right up there with some of the worse rain we ever been in.  It’s pretty loud on this Winnebago’s fiberglass roof.  The little RV is under the carport and it’s just getting little sprinkles.  I can actually wax it while it’s raining.  Nope, ain’t gonna do that.  It was 4 AM when I started this and I can hardly here anything from the pounding rain.

Another day of rain and allergies.  Last year was my first year for me reacting to the pollen.  Well, again this year.  So be it.

The Ford dealer called me.  They want the little RV Tuesday to replace the right suspension under warranty.  I will take it down Monday afternoon to avoid the Houston rush hour traffic.  They said they could do it in one day.  Good.  I will pick it up Wednesday after the AM rush hour.  It’s 100 miles away.

Next to call was the medical testing facility over in Conroe, TX.  They got me scheduled for the friggin 30th of this month.  That’s three weeks away.  I guess it’s not really an emergency for sure.

Since this is a blog I have to mention food don’t I?  I went to the La Colona Mexican Restaurant for lunch with the Escapees Hq gang.  There were 6 of us and the food was it’s normal great.

Those were the highlights of the day what can I say.

See ya…………..