Saturday, March 26, 2016

We’ve Been No Where…

We’ve had two party nights and then a recover night.  The first night we had a total of 9 people I think.  Yes we had pulled pork and people brought side dishes that were really good.  The second night with different people we had a total of 6 people.  It was a blast too.  One couple was a no show no call and another had prior obligations.  That’s really not nice when you invite somebody and they don’t respond at all.  I guess they don’t like my smoked pork.  Or I guess it’s my new me.  I got a haircut that left my hair less than a half an inch.  Plus I cut all my beard off.

I gave my dead Rand McNally GPS to Mark a few days ago to see if he could breathe life into it.  He returned it working but the battery life was gone.  I also gave Jon Glick my dead Garmin.  He’s working on it.  I think I had a bad plug  that I used on both of them that made them go dead.  Jon is still working on the Garmin.

I really like my Rand McNally with GPS.  I can check fuel prices along a given route.  That’s really cool.

Carol & I straightened up the place after the two nights of smoked pork.  What was nice having back to back smoked pork dinners.  Everything was already prepared for the second night.

I was in a wash and wax mood.  I washed the Mariner and then only waxed part of it.  Mainly the front end because it gets the worst of the road grime. 

Next was the camper front end.  I washed just the front end and then waxed it.  I got to wash the entire body before we leave for the East Coast in early May.  The camper stays and we take the big RV (home).  The camper will stay under the carport (RVport) until we return in the fall.

See ya…….