Thursday, March 3, 2016

RV Stuff–Kinda

I had to go to Lowe’s to get a saw blade that would cut metal.  No problem.  Of course, H.E.B. grocery store was right next door.  They had T-bone steak on sale for $3.97.  I got two packages.  That makes the mobile frig FULL don’t you think?DSC_0006

Then I cut a hole in the new RV metal cover.  Just so happens I had a piece of white trim laying around for years.  It fit nice.  Yes, It’s a little crooked.  Now I can run sewer, electrical lines and water hoses thru it.DSC_0004

Speaking of water lines.  I fixed a few lines that was waiting for my attention.  Some needed new ends, long hoses made shorter and etc.DSC_0001

I have more waiting my attention.  They will wait a little longer.DSC_0002

Next was the little RV.  The air filter was pretty dirty but not clogged.  Hey, replace it…DSC_0005

Next was the solar inverter.  Mark & I installed it.  One problem.  The step next to it couldn’t be lifted up to get to the batteries.  Opppps.  So I remounted it about 2 inches higher.DSC_0007

And now the batteries can be gotten too.DSC_0009

Next was the water filter situation.  I got a oner, a twoer and a threeer system.  When we go West like to AZ I usually take the three filter system.  I think when we go to Alaska in 2017 I will use the two filter system.  There’s some areas up there that there is silt in the water from the glaciers.  I will just use sediment filters in them and carry several with us.DSC_0011

After all this I took a nap, ate dinner, watched TV and went to bed…….

See ya………