Sunday, March 6, 2016

Little RV Work

I straighten up the barn a little bit.  I decided to work on the carrier and storage bin for the little RV.  Mark said he thought 4 screws would hold it.   I put 10 in it.DSC_0001

It’s crooked because I haven’t installed it 100%.  When I put it on for a big trip I will install hitch stabilizers.DSC_0004

Here’s two of the types that I have.  They will tighten up the hitch and it will straighten up.DSC_0006

I have enough room to get in this rear storage door.  DSC_0005

Having two RVs, one motorcycle, one car and one mobile I have to keep the keys straight.  Here are just the little RV keys..DSC_0003

Next was this molding and it was located just to the rear of the step.  The wood behind that white smooth looking fiberglass above the generator exhaust pipe was rotten behind it.DSC_0007

I scraped the wood out and used silicone to seal it all back up.  It will blend in real nice when it dries.  It will be better than it was.DSC_0008

Carol was busy in the garden the last two days.  Tomorrow will be another 5 bags of mulch.  I will take pictures when she is done.  It’s a doctor appointment for me tomorrow to see if I have any blood.  I should have plenty being that I haven’t been to any blood sucking dealers lately.

NASCAR time.

See ya….