Friday, March 11, 2016

Lot Lizards


I watched lizards today that were on our lot.  That’s entertaining to do ever once in awhile.  I might have to brake out my whale lens (500 mm)to get some shots of their eye ball reflections.  These were taken with a 18X3oo Nikon DX  VR lens then cut up (blown up) on Picasa at 50%. DSC_0019DSC_0038

It was cloudy off and on most of today and the temps were in the middle to high 70s.  No sun or wind to burn you.  I decided to pull the little RV out of the carport and watch the solar controller under these conditions.  It’s a couple of switches and a meter.  Just about any guy would be happy watching the numbers and knowing it all is doing what’s it’s suppose to.  This pic shows numbers with some clouds.DSC_0027

And this time it’s still cloudy but not as bad.DSC_0031

The RV hasn’t been plugged in for several days.  So forth and so on…..

This metal mouse is watching the cat hang.DSC_0026

Here Carol is giving that mouse and cat to Mark to weld.  the mouse broke away from the wind vane.DSC_0046DSC_0047

It was a clear night and could even watch the stars.  I’m not into night photos of the sky but it would have been a pretty shot.