Monday, January 18, 2016

Verizon–Here We Go-Hold On

I got hold of what is suppose to be Verzion Hq.  They could not find our account at first using our numbers, names, etc.  Then she entered our address and there it was.  After a few minutes of telling her our experience and the troubles we’ve been thru and are going thru she said as a good will gesture she will credit our account with $80 and out account already had been credited another $15.  It was very interesting how she had the power to do what ever.  She also added another 4 GB (for life) to our 12 GB monthly plan (16 GB) that we were suppose to get from the get go.  Then this Hq rep helped Carol with an app that the other Verizon rep screwed up.  So, tomorrow happens to be start of our monthly billing cycle.  This hopefully will not require another call to Verizon.  We shall see.

Since I’m writing this two days later my memory is just so so as to what happened what day.  We did a lot.  Here are some pictures… I think in some kind of order…DSC_0003DSC_0007DSC_0013DSC_0014

Then we intertained our selves at dinner.   Some more than others.DSC_0015DSCN1065

They wondered why they didn’t get any service.DSCN1066

See ya…………